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Click here to learn more about our successful Freedom of Information battle for records exposing NYPD's large-scale intelligence operation to surveil early Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City.

ON THE COVID-10 PANDEMIC: The global pandemic, climate instability worldwide, and uprisings for Black liberation across the United States have all led to radical reassessments in both personal and professional spheres. For many, this has manifested in deeper commitments to life and business goals.


During this time, M.J. Williams Law remains dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, journalists, and political activists, among others, by protecting their intellectual property and obtaining release of meaningful public records.


In addition, M.J. Williams Law has grown its pro bono work to include ongoing support for Covid Bail Out NYC, a collective that mobilizes bail payments and post-release support to liberate people incarcerated pretrial in New York City jails. To hear about its work, listen to this audio story published by Urban Omnibus "We're About Getting People Free, Period."